Do Private Connectors (xtensions) require a response in a particular format?

I have created a very simple node.js application which starts a server listening on port 3000.  It has one GET method with no authentication and no parameters required.  When i run this and call it through the browser i get the expect response.   


I have created a swagger file for my application.    When i call it through Postman i get the expected response and statuscode 200. All good.


I have then imported the swagger file into Nintex to create a private connector.  It imports without issue.  When i run this connector as a step in a workflow I get Internal Server Error { "statusCode": 500, "message": "Internal server error", "activityId": "94f886a4-54dc-4a9c-a145-628c8fdd125d" }.


Do i have to format the response from my node.js application in a certain way for it to work properly in a workflow?




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Here is the entire node.js application:

var express = require("express");

var app = express();


app.listen(3000, () => {

 console.log("Server running on port 3000");


app.get("/api/call", (reqres=> {



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@jeffs while NWC does not currently parse XML, it looks like you're getting a 500 error so just want to make sure that your node.js app is hosted on a cloud service (such as Azure) and not your local machine, as NWC does not currently know how to intepret loads from localhost.



@butlerj  Thanks, that's exactly what I'm doing - running my node.js app on my local machine.  We'll try running in a cloud service.  Appreciate the reply.

There are tools (e.g. ngrok - that you could also consider using for this case - when developing locally.