Deployment of Nintex cloud workflow changes and best practices



We have a TEST and Production versions of Nintex cloud workflows. I tried to override the production one using TEST workflow but it says, the workflow exists already with the same name. 




Also, its a pain to update all SharePoint connections for each action in another workflow( TEST to Production). It would be great if you can have connection at one place or have an option with variables to update the connections between TEST and production. 


What are the best practices to deploying changes from TEST to production? 





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@devendra14321 assuming that you have two tenants (one for Test and one for Production), if you name the connections the same between the two tenants the same, they should automatically map-up within the designer when you move the workflow from your Test tenant to your Production tenant. 


Regarding that error, is the workflow that you're trying to move from Test to Prod a form based workflow or event based? There's currently not a super streamlined process for "replacing" workflows in a tenant, so the process usually involves just removing the "old" version and then importing the "new" version. However, I know that that process will change the form URL that is used by the workflow if it is form based, so want to ensure that that is known before just removing old workflows.

We are having only one Tenant and two separate workflows.


Its a form based workflow. I am hoping to have better ALM for managing enterprise applications. Changing URL is big no when we wanted to make changes.