Create a reusable workflow for auto numbering a form ID with prefixes and year change?

  • 19 April 2023
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Hi there,

I need to be able to have a a reusable workflow to Auto Number the [Title] field or other selected field based on other fields.

The number must be 3 digits i.e. 001.  (to 999 max)

Example AB-[Year]-[Type]-001

Where the combinations of year and type is different the number will reset to 001 (year change).

This will be activated on new forms with the option to be included on edit form.

Has anyone done this? Can provide support? Might be able to purchase this solution/support if reasonable?

Any ideas/pointers please thanks.

3 replies

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At the present time there is no way to reference previously submitted Automation Cloud forms. As this is the case you will not be able to check if a combination has been used previously. If the submitted data is being recorded on another application such as SharePoint then you may be able to do lookups to determine if a combination has been used previously.

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Hi @TC_Nintex 
Does this solve your question? 

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we do a similar thing for a case management system.

General structure is:-

  • multiple case workflows, 1 for each case type as different process logic. Calls the following component workflow.
  • NAC component workflow to generate a caseID with output variable of the new case ID.
  • Central Case ID register. you could use a SharePoint list or a SQL DB table. Has fields for the type ID and last ID number. (1 row per case type)
  • Component workflow reads in the last ID number for that type, increments with +1 then updates the central table with next computed number into the last ID field.
  • Builds a string to generate the title. then outputs to the calling workflow.

We do not incorporate this into the form. Once a new case is raised the workflow based on form submitted calls the component workflow. If the data from the form submission is saved to a sharepoint list yes this value would be visible to an O365 nintex form on the sharepoint list.