Can you filter the NAC Instance Details

  • 8 June 2023
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The Instance Detail page is great and very informative. However, the details can be overwhelming at times. 

Is there a way to filter for specific actions - say… just the Log?

or hide the details of a For Each Loop


Best answer by Marc_Wenning 13 June 2023, 01:32

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3 replies

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You can filter by instance name, workflow name and the workflow status, but not by the specific actions in the workflow.


You could add that as a feature request here though: Nintex Ideas

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Hi @Marc_Wenning 

Thanks for your reply.

It just that the details can sometimes be overwhelming especially when Loops are involved (200-500 plus actions).

The ability to Filter the NAC Instance Details allows Developers to quickly focus on a few key actions and their details. This is great feature to have during the development and testing phase.

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I’ve already submitted the idea. 

Add feature to filter the activities from a single workflow Instance| Nintex Ideas


Members of the Community, please help to up vote this idea. Thanks