Can SharePoint data be edited using Nintex forms in NAC without running a workflow

  • 8 December 2023
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We currently use SharePoint O365 with Nintex O365.  We are starting to migrate over 100 workflows to NAC, but I am new to NAC.  The data source will remain in SharePoint O365.  We could continue to use existing Nintex forms, but we were hoping to take advantage of “My Nintex” in NAC.  It is my understanding that in order to use the “Submit a form” or “Form Submissions” features in “My Nintex”, we have to recreate the form in NAC. Is that correct?

If we rebuild the forms in NAC, I see how a form can be created on the Start event of a workflow by selecting “Nintex Form” under “Start Form”.  But, once the workflow is complete, and the user needs to edit data using the form (without rerunning the workflow), how is this done?  Does a workflow have to be used each time a user needs to edit data? Can a form be created in NAC without being part of a workflow?



2 replies

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Hi @SShaffer2 

  1. Its easier to use O365 Form (which is not retiring) to edit SPO List data.
    Besides, using a NAC Start Form with a simple WF will consume up 1 license.
  2. Caveat 1: O365 Form + NAC WF.
    Upon O356 Form submission, data is immediately saved to SPO.
    After a few minutes, the NAC WF is triggered.
    NAC WF will read all the form values and load the value in-memory.
    Any changes to SPO List values will not be updated to the WF until a Retrieve Item action is used
  3. Caveat 2: NAC Start Event Form
    Upon NAC Form submission, WF is immediately triggered.
    Nothing will be automatically written to SPO until a Create Item or Update Item action is used.
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Hi @SShaffer2 

Any update on this issue?