Calling a Component Workflow as an API returns 202 Response Status Code

  • 18 March 2023
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I’m trying to call a Nintex Automation Cloud Component workflow as an api from another Component workflow. *

It is returning a response status code of 202, meaning the request was accepted, but the processing hasn’t been completed. 

How to handle this status within the calling workflow? The response content contains the instance id. It would be cool if I could reference this instance ID to get the data. But I can’t figure out how.


*The reason I’m trying to call a component as an api is because users cannot call a component workflow unless they are an owner. I want to protect my components from people accidentally changing them since they are shared by multiple users. So I thought I’d try to add a level of abstraction and grant people ownership rights on this api calling component (and protecting the component that’s actually doing the work.)

1 reply

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Hi Michele,


When you have called a component workflow and you have the instance ID, you can then get the instance data by using the Get instance API as described here.


As for stopping users making changes to a workflow that they have access to, making the execution of the workflow stricter would not impact the edit rights of that workflow. The only way to stop this is either by not giving them access, or they should follow a protocol to export and import the workflow before making changes. Hope this helps!


Kind regards