Call a Web Service failes

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I’m trying to configure the Call a Web Service action.

for my test, i’m trying to call a free API, with request type of GET.

i configured the action like this:

every time i test the workflow, i get the same error:

i have no idea what the problem could be.

any help, please.


Best answer by Garrett 7 May 2023, 16:13

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Hi @BynetSoft 

Perhaps there was some issue with the Web Service site when your were using it

Did you try to call the API 
 - directly from your browser
 - directly using any API testing tools eg Postman

The API is working. 


When I ran using NAC, using same config as yours. Added all the Response variables


If you are still getting issues, why not try another web service site
Random Number API

Example (Random number between 1 to 100):


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Hi @BynetSoft 
Did this solve your question?