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  • 3 October 2022
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Just starting with Nintex Workflow Cloud and am looking for a little guidance on Connections.  I would like to create a connection to our Azure AD, specifically to use the "Get Manager Details" for an approval process in a workflow.  What permissions must:

1. The user creating the workflow have? and

2. The user putting in the request which will run the workflow have?




3 replies

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Hi @seanobryant65 


This video may help  


For further information, refer to NWC Help:

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Thank you.  I'm good with the "how to create" part, however, I am not clear on what permissions my account needs in Azure in order to make the connection.  We are just getting started with Azure and even my admin isn't clear on it. 

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Hi @seanobryant65,


There are two types of connections for Azure AD, the dialog above should typically only appear for the when using the Azure AD Admin connector. Can you confirm you get this when trying to use the Get manager details action?


What this dialog means is that before anyone is the tenant can even create a connection an admin needs to provide 'consent' to the app which will then make it avalaible to users. Provide consent does not give access to AD, you still need to create a connection with credentials that have the right set of permissions. The non AD admin connections can usually be created by any user as it only needs read permissions where as the admin ones require an actual AD admin or someone who has write permissions. 


If yo are getting this for the non admin onces it means you AD tenant has blocked all apps unless consent is provided, you need your admin to login to the link and consent to the app and once that's done you will be able to create a connection. This is the Microsoft permissions model with AD apps and not controlled by Nintex.


Hope that helps or let me know if you have any furhter questions.