Assign a Task - emails are not be sent

  • 19 December 2022
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Hi everyone.

I’m having an issue with tasks not generating emails, it doesn’t matter if I use a variable for the email address or test using my own email address for the assignee, an email isn’t generated.  I can successfully send an email using the send an email action later in the WF using the same variable used for the task.

The issue happens during workflow testing and when running the WF after publishing to development.  I’m not sure if it matters but the WF has been developed in a demo tenant.

I would like to show the use case to a client but I would like to demo the full experience of receiving an email and clicking the link to action a task form.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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Hi @TaniaS,


You can also use the “Assign a task to multiple users” action (even if its just 1 assignee), and disable assignee authentication:

Hopefully this will work (should work during workflow testing as well). If not, I would recommend reaching out to support

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Thanks @Prineel_V3

I’ve just tested using the Assign a task to multiple users action and an email successfully sent. 


Its frustrating as I will need to rebuild the form from scratch as I can’t see a way to copy the existing form and its rules to the new action.

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Hi @TaniaS ,


You can export the form and import it in the new action:

If you have already deleted the action, you can restore a previous version of your workflow from the version history feature:


Hope this helps :)

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I swear I must have my eyes closed sometimes haha

Thanks again for the great tips!