Are there any issues with Create List Item and update actions today ?



I am trying to update the create item action with few additional columns and its saving for a moment and the column from the action is getting disappear as soon as i save or publish the workflow :(.


So decided to through the Update action and its happening with this as well. 


Are there any changes recently to these actions? 


Edit: The list has 30 columns of different data types.  


Edit 2: It seems the changes are getting rolled-back as soon i try to test the workflow using "Workflow Testing" option. If i re-open the workflow, the columns added to list are there. 




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@devendra14321 are you still encountering issues with with the Create and Update actions today? I know we had a deployment yesterday, so I am wondering if that resolved the issue for you. If you are still having issues, can you confirm that you're using the SharePoint Online actions and the 'type' of column that you're adding to the actions?



@butlerj , Yes we still have issues. We have raised a support ticket. 


Three columns of type choice and multi selection is enabled. 

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@devendra14321 thank you for the update. I've been able to replicate the behavior when using a Collection variable trying to be passed to the multi-select column. I will pass the replication to the engineer assigned your case and assist as needed.

Thanks @butlerj  for replicating the issue. Is it possible to fix this issue sooner? 

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@devendra14321 looks like support is syncing with engineering to validate that the actions support passing data to multi-value and also seeing if there is a work around for the issue, so hopefully will have an answer soon.

@butlerj : Also, multi choice doesn't support the Allow users to fill-in the info. For few columns we had to create a variable to push the "other" values then assign the collection variable to the SharePoint column. Hopefully we will see this option inbuilt.