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Hello Community,


I would like to create a workflow to implement the following process:




Trigger a workflow to start daily at 8am and query a table in a SQL Server database (I've already created the service instance and smart object).


If  the table contains records where the "Serial Number" field = Null OR the "Price" field = Null,  I would like to send an email to notify a coworker about the incomplete records.

Is this possible in K2 workflow, and how may I achieve this? Will I need to create a stored procedure in the sql database to return the incomplete records or is it possible to do this from the workflow?


Any help or advice is very much appreciated!!!

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Hi lilpancho1,


Seems like you are describing the schedule node from K2 Management.

You can use the Schedules node in K2 Management to create and edit workflow schedules. Schedules start an instance of a workflow at a particular date in the future, or with some type of recurring pattern (e.g. once a week).


For example, you have an audit workflow that needs to start automatically once a month. Setting up a schedule for this workflow to start automatically means that you do not have to remember to start the workflow manually each month.


Below are some helpful links and more details on what I have described above


Start a workflow with a schedule -


Schedules -


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This is possible with just the workflow. You can set up conditions in the line rules to check if results are returned. If there are, then send an e-mail; otherwise, end the workflow.

While you can drag the result (list of records with Serial Number = NULL or Price = NULL) to the body of your email, you may see this displayed as a single string and not split up. For this case, a stored procedure may be the better approach so you can also include HTML elements to customize the body of your email.