View changed in admin css after version update.

  • 21 April 2020
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My website's backend admin area has changed after a K2 update.
Did the css/view of the k2 backend change?

Please take a look at both screen shots below. One is before the update and other after the update

K2 new item admin section BEFORE UPDATE

K2 new item admin page AFTER UPDATE

The company that has updated my K2 version say's the K2 admin view changed with the update, and the view is now the k2 normal.
Is this the case? Did the views in the k2 admin change in the last several months between upgrades? Did I lose some custom css with the upgrade?? 
Thank you for the clarification.







1 reply

Hi konuviri


Please see the following.

  1. “K2 smartform controls issue”:

  2. Update your custom theme when you upgrade K2 as changes to CSS are common between releases. The easiest way to do this is to keep a copy of one of the standard themes and then use a text comparison utility to compare this backup copy with the updated version. If any differences exist between these standard files, you may need to add, remove, or change values in your custom theme's LESS file. It is your responsibility to maintain custom themes. Considerations and Best Practices for Custom Themes:

  1. “Custom Theme Changes”: