Resolution: Unable to delete workflows even after removing all versions and instances

  • 16 April 2020
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I originally started this post as a question but I think this might be helpful to others so I'll post it as an answer.


I am having trouble deploying a bunch of workflows, forms, views, and SMOs to an environment so I decided to remove all forms, views, SMOs, and workflows before trying again.


The main issue was that after removing all versions and instances, the delete button in the designer was missing. I could edit the workflow and close it and get the delete button back, but then the workflow would come right back.


The problem is that earlier I had removed the category (by using the SMO tester) that these workflows were in as part of trying to delete everything. That moved all the workflows into the "all" category. Once I recreated the original category and moved the workflows into it, I was able to delete them.


This has been a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

1 reply

to delete a workflow on K2 five, if the workflow is not deployed you can delete it using the delete button on K2 designer.  But if it's already deployed, it's better to use K2 Management.
Here is the procedure:
1) Open K2 Management and go to WorkFlow Server -> Workflow, then click the workflow you want to delete.
2) click on "versions" in the right area, select a version and choose "delete".
3) In the dialog box that opens, check "delete all versions" also check the boxes "delete all historical (log) data for selected versions" and "delete workflow reproting smartObjects".
4) Click on ok.
I tested the workflow removal with K2 5.1.
    Mireille From Flow Factory