K2 5.4 Upgrade fail at K2 Server update.

  • 16 May 2021
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Hello guys,

I need some help as I just ran into error while upgrading my K2 5.0 to K2 5.4.

I had the dreaded 'a blocking error has occurred and setup cannot continue'.

Attached is the screen capture.

Will need an insight from the house on what to do.

2 replies

Hi K2Developer-1,


You will find the error message and the information from your installertrace logs.

You may find it in it either of the paths below


- %Temp%
- [K2 install drive] K2SetupLog


Once you found the log, open it and look for the "Logged Error". You will need to resolve the issue stated in this log in order to proceed. Once the issue is resolved you may run the setup manager and select on the option "Recover"








Hope this helps


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Hi K2Developer-1,


It sounds like there is an issue with K2 Configuration Service. You can check if this service is running in Windows Services, the logs are located in [k2 installation folder] SourceCode.Configuration.ApiLogs.  Perhaps, it can be a port 5560 issue or an error on the on-prem certificate.