How to call a URL in K2 workflow

  • 10 August 2021
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Hi All,


I have a scenario where, I need to update the status of the approval by calling an API/ URL. How do i call the URL, after the approval? i can't use REST service instance, as this URL is not constant.


sample URL: http://mydomain/api/user/role/{requestid}/{status}/{comments}




4 replies

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One way to do this is create a custom smartobject (c#) that would call the web service/rest endpoint or url and then call that custom smartobject in the workflow.

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Hi pnelli,

What do you mean with 'this URL is not constant'?

What is the request you want to make? HTTP GET? POST?
Thanks. Will try this.
Hi Thomas,

I want to make post request. I know that we can use REST Service instance, but my requirement is that the API differs in different environments. I am trying to do a generic way.