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  • 14 October 2021
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Having reached the first milestone of my Outsourcing Contract with my new Customer - 45 days, I now have the time to reflect on my experience. What Covid has taught me is that Corporates are a lot more reluctant to spend money without being assured of their investments.

I got asked the question this week on what the actual timeframe is for a return on investment when implementing K2. Often the questions are accompanied by comments like: "it is all just promises from Sales" and "how big is your development team?".

My first response is always: I am not in Sales and do not have the luxury of a Team to work in and therefore my experiences are real and therefore I am able to reflect as such.

As a One-Man Team, I do the Analysis, Database Design, Development, Training, and Support, and obviously, this needs to be factored into what is possible and the answer to this question.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to implement automation using this technology at 2 corporates from scratch and look forward to more similar experiences in the future.

I replied with my own question: What do you expect to get from one Consultant in 45 days using this technology.

I have just delivered the following in 45 man-days:

Fully functional K2 / Reporting / Sharepoint Intranet Environment

Finance (Code of Ethics Questionnaires, POPI Act Questionnaires, Expense Claim Management, Gift Register)

Batch Processor, AD Security Manager

SHERQ (Compliance Manager, Equipment Service Manager, Incident Reporting and Claim Management, Occupational Health and Safety Appointments and Documentation)

Human Resources (Birthday Notifications, Electronic Employee Files, Resignations, New Position Approvals, Internal Vacancy Ads and Applications, Letter of Appointment Generations through the selection of templates, Onboarding managing Access Control/ Business Cards/Cellphones/HR Induction/IT Requirements/Payroll Checks and Documents/ PPE/Safety Induction/Stationery/Telephony and Time/Attendance and Terminations)

Operational (Automated Task Scheduler)

Online Reporting and Dashboards for the K2 Functionality

I am certainly looking forward to delivering plenty more over the next 45 days.

Not only do I have a satisfied customer, but financially the project is delivering ahead of schedule and at acceptable rates, and is this not what every customer wants?

K2 has consistently allowed me to make promises with confidence and backing it up with over-delivery. 

Just amazing to be associated with a Toolset that makes believers of the worst critics.

If you can think it, you can build it with K2!

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