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I absolutely love the option of creating ‘pages’ in a form, which is an option in InfoPath. I start with the first page to ask the user a question. Depending on the selection they make, it will flip to a new page to ask additional questions or asks the user to fill in information. Once complete, they click submit and it flips to the final page saying thank you and provides any additional information.

I also like the ability to create new pages based on what the user is doing, i.e. new item or edit item. If it is a new item, I start with Page 1. If I am editing an item, it starts with Page 8, which has all the information in read only format. Simple and easy to work with.

However, the concept of ‘pages’ in Forms does not exist. It looks like I have to add ‘sections’, and then determine which one should be active based on a ‘value’. That does not make any sense to me. Why is such a simple concept so difficult to implement in Forms?


There are a few ways that this can be implemented. First option is to use tab functionality like was mentioned.  The second option would be to use JavaScript to switch the views.  I can follow up with the product team to see if there has been any movement on implementing this functionality natively, but the blog posts below can provide some options:


I have some ability to adjust the width of the ‘table’ in InfoPath. So if I want to show that form in a web part that is only 33% of the page, I can make the table 150px wide, which will fit into that web part. The problem is that it isn’t responsive, so the smaller I make the screen, the more it will bleed into the web part next to it.
In Forms, I so far have no seen a way to create a form that is responsive, so putting it in a web part that is 33% and then making that form responsive based on how big or small the screen is just does not work. It seems no matter what I do, the ‘window’ of the web part is a certain size, so it always seems to expand beyond the 33% that I have designated as the web part size. Am I missing something here?


We should be rolling out responsive forms later this year.  This release should address the needs described above.  The one caveat here, is that the responsive forms will not support custom JavaScript.  We will still have the Pixel Perfect forms (current product) available if there is a more complex design requirement, and the user designing the form will have the option on which form type to deploy.


In InfoPath, when I want to setup a conditional rule, it is simple – If x is No, do this. If x is Yes, do that. It is a simple selection of which item I want to be x, select the conditional item (equals, greater than, less than, etc.), and select the result. Again, I like seeing the options and knowing in plain language what it will do.

Forms however does not take that approach. It seems even the simplest of needs requires knowing the JavaScript language to accomplish the need. To do a conditional rule in Forms, you have to write it up in a JS format. I do not know what that format is, so I now have to research how to do it, which takes it more time. This is not making the best use of my time, especially if I am just trying to put together a simple form.


The help files have some pretty good information on how to configure rules and the operators:

If the JavaScript operators are not ideal, there is also the capability to configure runtime functions, which may make more sense coming from the InfoPath world.

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