Nintex DocGen customers can now write signer data back to Salesforce

  • 31 March 2023
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Nintex DocGen customers can now write signer data back to Salesforce with our new write-back feature. With this powerful feature it is now possible to capture information a signer gives when signing a Nintex eSign document, and write that data back into Salesforce records related to your DocGen Package.   


Take advantage of this new capability to keep your Salesforce records accurate, and leverage signing activity to automatically progress your salesforce opportunities, cases, claims and more.


How it Works

Simply create a Nintex DocGen package and add a Nintex eSign delivery as you normally would. Then update your Signer inputs (Jotblocks) in your Nintex eSign template with the Salesforce records those inputs should write back to.


When your Document package is executed, the generated document(s) will be sent out for signing as usual, but now the data filled in by your signers appears back in Salesforce.


For even more power, combine this new capability with Salesforce Flow to trigger further processing after data is written back from your Signers, for scenarios like updating Opportunity, Case or Contract status and triggering other related business flows and activities in Salesforce.


Learn More

This feature is available for all Nintex customers who have a Nintex DocGen and Nintex eSign subscription. To learn more, review the help pages and release notes.

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