How to Designate a Production or Development Workflow in O365

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This topic describes the concept of assigned use in the context of workflow-based subscription licensing.


If your tenant uses a workflow-based subscription license, then you must specify assigned use when publishing workflows and forms in accordance with subscription licensing terms.


Examples of assigned use options presented when publishing workflows and forms: 




Assigned use options are as follows.

  • Development: Intended for the development phase; the workflow or form does not operate on or affect any business outcome or data outside testing and development. Watermarks appear on development workflows and forms as well as on email messages sent by workflows. (Form preview omits the watermark.)

    Example: Running an expenditure approval workflow generates a request for purchase of a notebook computer and that request is approved, but no purchase occurs because the workflow is being tested.

  • Production: Intended for the production phase; the workflow or form operates on or affects live business data.

    Example: Running an expenditure approval workflow generates a request for purchase of a notebook computer and that request is approved such that the notebook computer can be purchased.

For information on how to track your Workflows please see:  

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Good to know as someone just starting out in O365 Nintex development. I did wonder how the subscription model would be catered for in a world where there is no development farm.

Good to know that this option is introduced. May I know since when is this option available for SharePoint online?

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For a long, long time

Thank you Tomasz. I have below 2 questions

1. Will simple workflows (action steps less than 5) be charged? In below link it says, simple workflow is not counted as a workflow 


2. I have created few test lists and list workflows for testing purpose during the initial build. I have deleted the lists directly after testing is complete. Technical team came up with list of workflows associated to the deleted lists. I assumed the list workflows associated with those lists are deleted as well or will they remain somewhere if the workflows are not deleted. 

Thanks in Advance !

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  1. Yes, unless it does contain the "Start a Workflow" action inside. If not, then won't be counted.
  2. I guess they won't be deleted. I mean - their definitions. You will of course delete workflows provisioned by Nintex to the list, so those you can actually run. I recommend to restore your list from the trash and then go to Workflow Gallery to delete those workflows. Keep in mind, that workflows designs are not kept inside your tenant, but are hosted by Nintex. 



Thank you for clarifying both queries. Its been a month I deleted these lists and do not remember the list names. Since I am not a site collection administrator, I am not having the option to restore the lists from trash. is there any other way I should be able to achieve this as a site owner or should I seek Administrator help?



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There are two more thrashes on its way to be absolutely gone: if you cannot see it in your Site's trash then you should be able to restore it from the Site Collection trash. Element lasts 30 days in each. So in case you cannot find it in your site's trash, you should ask SC admin for help.

Sure will check it. Thanks for your help

Checked with help of Site Collection Administrator. Looks like the lists are gone and cannot be restored now.Stuck here. Any suggestion?



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I suggest to ask for help

Nintex support suggested to delete via designer. Site collection administrator denied to enable SPD. There was no response from Nintex when I asked for any hidden list information. Not sure if there is any like on-prem. Finally PowerShell worked to delete the unused subscriptions after a long struggle