Final preparations before starting to build using your low code platform

  • 9 October 2021
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Low Code Automation & Nintex K2 Five Journey By Nintex MVP - Final preparations before starting to build using your low code platform


It is not uncommon that the general average user is excited to jump directly into the build phase of any project as that is where the fruits start to reap. The attractive speed of delivery and the concept of citizen development using low code further increases the urge.


However, before introduction of any change, the definitions of the standards, governance model and quality checks are core to ensure a successful implementation.


Result of not defining the prior, will result in:


1) Developers building custom components for components that are meant to be common. This causes confusion to the end user and results in low satisfaction levels. As an example, each developer may build a custom object for approving or reviewing a task and so the end user would find it frustrating familiarizing him/herself with how to perform a common task


2)System performance and issues as a result of bad designs due to lack of technical knowledge, development standards and BEST practices


3)Heavy Support required is a consequence of point 1 and 2.


For the above reasons and many others, Standards should define the backbone architecture both functionally and technically of your low platform


Things to include in Standards documents are:


a)Common Objects (Eg Header, Footer, Action, Action History, Attachment views)


b)Unified corporate form themes, font, style, size, color etc


c)Object naming conventions


d)Email templates


e)Standard quality checklists for development, packaging and deploying between environments


f)Definition of support queues and service queues


g)Roles and responsibilities of governance teams and stakeholders to the process


h)Standard operating manual templates


i)What systems your platform connects to and how to connect to them


j)Pinpointing the source of truth and where data should be read from


These are many other items to be added to the standards document but the above give the general idea to the most common ones.


In the next article, i will be going into how to start using your low code platform




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