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We had a request from our Human Resources Development (HRD) department to have the ability to request confirmation from external training providers for booked training sessions. The emails were going everywhere and it was almost impossible to keep track of the training sessions and their confirmations.

We suggested a two list solution to address the requirement:

  1. First list is where any of the training administrators can add a training intervention with the details of the external training provider.  The workflow starts as soon as the new item is saved.  It then generates a unique code (Item ID  + Company abbreviation) and sends and email to our HRD Training Manager.  After she approved the external course request and email is sent to the External training provider.  In this email there is the unique code generated as well as a link to a Nintex live form (discussed in next step).
  2. Second list is the list with a Nintex Live form linked to it.  The external training provider will then click on the link received in the email sent to them.  The form prompts the training provider to copy the unique code emailed to them and paste it in the single line text on the Nintex Live form and click save. 

    After clicking on save, Nintex Live will pass that confirmation back to the second list and the workflow on the second list will start that checks to see if the code returned is in the first list.  If found it will mark the confirmation as confirmed and email the Training administrator to confirm that the training intervention has been confirmed by external training provider.

This two list solution allows our HRD department to keep track of all external training intervention and to only follow up on the records for which no external confirmation has been received yet.

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