Automatically set your GPS location (Apple only)

Ever wanted to have Nintex Mobile set your location automatically without having to hit the "set my location" button?  Well there is a way but it only works under a set of of specific conditions.

First you must be using Nintex Mobile on an Apple device.  Sorry to everyone else (including myself).  Android and Windows devices - you're out of luck.

Secondly you cannot name your GPS field.  You can bind it to a list column and give it a title but you can't give it a name.  See the below example for how it should be set up.

See how Name is empty?  If you do that, your device will automatically set your location (assuming you've allowed Nintex mobile to access your location).  The implication of this, is you cannot set any form rules to interact with this field.

Apart from those above constraints, it works well.  It works on o365 and SharePoint on-prem.  It works for both responsive and classic forms.  

Go ahead and give it a try.  If you want it to work without the workaround, why not join the discussion on UserVoice.

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Very interesting . Unfortunately, most of my clients are using Android devices .

We've got a mixture but I'd love to see some consistency between the platforms too.