An improved way to access to your mission-critical on-premises data within K2 Cloud is here

Nintex K2 Cloud provides customers with a robust platform to build apps in a SaaS offering that doesn’t require the day-to-day management or on-going support of other K2 infrastructure. Many customers needed a way to access their on-premises line-of-business (LOB) data within K2 Cloud. As a result, we initially introduced customers to our K2 Cloud Secure Data Access (SDA) offering. After speaking with many SDA users, we learned that it was not the perfect solution for your day-to-day business needs. As such, we are excited to announce an improvement in this offering — Nintex K2 Cloud On-premises Data Access (OPDA).


OPDA is the future of our on-prem data access strategy for K2 Cloud customers that want to build apps in the cloud and interact securely with data that lives on-premises and behind your firewall. This data is made available to your K2 Cloud tenancy using a network appliance that will be deployed within your private network.




What this transition means for you…

While the outcome of OPDA for you as an SDA customer is the same, the setup and day-to-day management is greatly improved. In order to migrate from SDA to OPDA, the Nintex team will work with you to replace your current SDA appliance and update any relevant K2 Cloud service instances.


  • Timing: Our goal is to have all customers moved to OPDA by the end of the calendar year 2021. We know that for some customers this will require some careful coordination and planning which is why we are dedicating various members of our Nintex teams to assist you in the planning and organizing of efforts to support this change as well as provide a long runway to facilitate this move.
  • Cost: You will not incur any additional costs with the transition from SDA to OPDA. OPDA will be a drop-in replacement for your current SDA subscription. While your entitlement will change, you will not be charged more for the base cost of the upgraded service.


  • Secure Access: OPDA secures your applications and APIs via an SSL-based, encrypted, and exclusive connection between your on-premises environment and your tenancy while providing the ability to build K2 Cloud applications that integrate with your on-premises LOB systems.


  • Supported Systems: Supported systems include on-premises Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and REST-based Web Services. For a complete list of supported systems, visit the K2 Cloud Compatibility Matrix.


  • Requirements: You can find all the infrastructure requirements for OPDA at

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