Moving cursor on field change

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Dear all,


I have 2 text field, text field A and text field B.


Text field A max length 10 chaaracter.


Whenever text field A contain up to 10 character, i want the cursor move to text field b automatically.


Is there any method can achieve this without using javascript?


Currently i using a rule when text field A contain up to 10 character, focus on text field B. However, it will focus only when i click on somewhere on the form.


Thank you.


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There is not a rule currently to move the cursor around. We can change the Focus to the control we want, but there is not a way to move the mouse cursor.


I recommend logging this function on to have the feature added to the product. 

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Using javascript to perform the cursor moving. Execute a rule when the field changed solved it.


Thank you.

Dear foo_yk,


Can you share how to solution javascript? 


Thank you,