Simple Setup Template Reuse

  • 4 December 2023
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I am attempting to reuse a simple template more than once with different values for a Fixed Text JotBlock via the Submit API.  I would like to have multiple pages of the template attached to the root template with different input data per attachment via the template.  When I attempt to send a second new version of the template all of the send input values from the initial template are displayed in every subsequent use of the template even thought the sent values are different from the initial use of the template.  I am including a simple version of the JSON data that is being sent below as an example.

Basically, I am attempting to include the same template multiple times with varying values for the fixed text JotBlock to show as additional pages.

I am also including a sample of the C# code that is sending the request.

The end result is that the values from the first use of the template are used for all additional uses regardless of what is sent.

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