Problems submitting ad-hoc envelopes via API

  • 22 March 2023
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I am trying to successfully submit an envelope via the API and correctly add webhooks that ping my service for any sort of updates.

Problems I am having:

  • Not sure if I should use webhookNotifications or adhocWebHooks
    • Documentation & Schema for adhocWebHooks missing in the AssureSign API docs, I am shooting in the dark by trying properties and hoping one will match
  • I want a workflow where I can send emails to multiple singers and they can sign in parallel, however, I want to receive a webhook notification every time one of the signers signs, including their name, email and any arbitrary value I want to put for reference purposes (where can I get these values?)
  • What is step index? The order that I create steps on?


I’ve been trying all day to properly set up a REST call to the AS API for setting up my workflow but it seems possible.


Any help is appreciated.


This is one of the errors I receive, the model isn’t specified anywhere in the documentation.


1 reply

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P.S. It seems IMpossible

I also managed to find the right schema for adhocWebHooks but I am always getting an empty body on my API.