Is there a way to see a signed document using assureSign's API?

  • 24 May 2023
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Hello Everyone,

We have a usecase where after a user signs a nintex document, we send an email with a document link that the user can click on to view the signed document. Is there any api available in assureSign that could provide a link to the signed document?

I attempted to utilise envelope/envelopeId/signingLinks, but it appears that after the document is signed, the signing url cannot be obtained again.

Error Message :

"details": "The specified envelope 'xxxxxxxxxxx' was previously completed so signing is no longer available.",

"messageType": "error"



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@Sawshar9  You should be able to use the /envelopes/{envelopeID} to get that info and you can also include the final document download link.  


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Hi @Sawshar9 
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