DocGen Conditional Recipients / Signatures

  • 22 March 2023
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The number of recipients needed for esign varies from document to document.  I am using rows to represent the recipient(s) and they populate as expected.  Issue I have is that the eSign tag, {{_es_signer_1__signature}}, doesn’t coincide with the recipient if I have more than 3. 


Adding only Signer _1 and Signer_2 results in signer 2 being prompted to sign for the 3rd recipient.  Adding Signer _3 and _4, as shown on the attached, repeats the signature for each recipient.

I am looking to have the proper signature line show up IF I have a 3rd (or 4th, or 5th) recipient. 

Thanks for any help.

1 reply

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It’s very curious that these extra rows are showing up in your signer table. I think there must be something going on with how the repeating section (the multiple table rows) are being generated. I would probably start here for investigation. Shouldn’t signer name and signer tag be a 1 to 1 mapping?