Workflow to send PDF and TXT File to network share

  • 31 January 2019
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Looking for some help to do the following:
After Form is submit -> generate a PDF & a TXT File that holds key 'meta data' / 'values' linked to that PDF  -> send these files to a Network Share Folder  allowing a different software program to go to that network share, grab the files and then upload it accordingly.


I know how to use the Generate PDF function and save the data into a SmartObject.


I'm looking for guidance on

1)  sending a PDF Copy to the network share

2)  creating a TXT File and saving to that same network share (either creating a stored procedure to run & query a table & then create that txt file or something)


Hopefully this makes sense.  I've seen a few forum posts with the same needs but nobody has responded yet.


3 replies



Regarding the first inquiry, you might be able to accomplish this with the community File Service broker (


We were able to figure out the File Service Broker (instructions out there is very minimal).   After about 4 hours of testing things we were able to get files to save into a file location.   In process of looking into dynamic file names with expressions.


Last step we need is to get the .txt file figured out. 


Baby steps!


Khanh -  is there a way to create .txt files that have read off a SMO or Query to create a index file of sorts?   We aren't having the best luck with that development requirement.