Which SMO's are used when you view Error Logs

  • 30 January 2020
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Hello Community,


I was wondering if someone knows which SmartOjbects are used when you go into Management and Look at (All) Error Logs?  I know there is HostServer.Error and ErrorProfile, however when viewing those tables you don't see the same column names that appear in the Management Profile view.





2 replies

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Easiest is to enable SmartObject Logging and then execute the needed to see what SmartObjects are executed. My Bet is going to be it executes the following SmartObject

Path in SMO Tester
SmartObject Explorer > System > Management > Workflows > SmartObjects > Error Log SmartObject

Method - GetErrorLogs


Hi DavidThadAerne,


You can take a look at the "Error Log" SmartObject. This can be found in the below path


1. Access SmartObject Service Test from path [InstallDrive]K2Bin

2. Connect to the neccessary K2 DB

3. Expand SmartObject Explorer

4. Expand All SmartObjects

5. Look For "Error Log" the right click "Execute SmartObject"

6. Change the "Method to Execute" into "GetErrorLogs"

7. Enter the ErrorProfileName as it is a required value. If you didnt set any other names by default it is "All"

8. Click on execute and the error will be shown


Hope this helps


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