trace.axd error - Redirect to Blank Page

  • 23 November 2020
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for security purpose, we want to redirect any links to trace.axd to blank pages

can we do that in K2 smartforms?

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Hi @PS_K2,

If you have any identifiers, you can put them in an “if rule” and redirect the user to either a blank form or close the browser wondow. For example:

I used a view, will work the same on a form. So when the view initializes, it will check if the web service url contains a specific word (see next image) if not, it will continue to load or do whatever it supposed to.
This is the advanced IF configuration. If it does contain a specific word, then execute the “close window browser” rule. You can also create a blank form and use the “Navigate to another form” rule if you want to.

You can try and create a script to identify the links, but the above just shows you how to redirect users once you have identified what you need to.


Kind Regards


but that i need to put on each and every form right, and that is not possible now
can we have redirect rule in Management or workspace

Hi @PS_K2,


Yes, you would have to put that rule in every form, im not sure about the redirect rule in Management or Workspace. I dont think that is possible.


Kind Regards