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Hello all

I have 5 task items for a workflow

Task1 task2 task 3 task 4 task 5 end

I would like to show the status of this other than viewflow i should be able to show where my task is.


Something like this.No oob control how can we achieve this and highlight what tasks are completed anf showcase current task

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How are you trying to access these tasks? It is from a worklist or a Smart Object? If you're using a SmartObject, look in the Activity Instance Destination to get the Action Value currently.



If you're using the Worklist control you can modify the column. You can find this under "Configuring the Layout" in the below documenation:

Hi Haridoll,


You can also make use of Form Progress Steps from K2 community market , please see below  article on you can archive that.


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