Process instance error alerting/monitoring in K2Five

  • 5 January 2018
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Hello all,


I'm looking into solutions for monitoring and alerting for processes when they go into an error state in K2Five. My team wants to know immediately when certain critical processes fail.


In 4.7 it was possible to implement some custom code to send an email / post to a restful service / etc when creating the workflow via visual studio. This is no longer an option in K2Five, as the visual studio component has been deprecated for new workflows.


Does anyone have any thoughts on what potential options there are for this in K2Five? It seems that in the new workflow designer your only option is to toggle exception logging. Would appreciate if anyone can share knowledge about forthcoming functionality on this front.


In my searching I've found the K2 Process Error Notification Service (K2 PENS) which is a windows service that monitors processes. The current version is somewhat old and unsure if it will work with K2Five, although I will be attempting some tests with it.


On a side note, does anyone have any ideas around going to a specific activity/event on error instead of the process ending and going into an error state? This was achievable through code in 4.7 as well.

4 replies

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I strongly encourage you to go "up-vote" the following:

This is a feature request I know you aren't alone in wanting.


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Thank you Gail. I see that this idea was submitted roughly a year ago and is labeled as a "Future Consideration". I hope this feature request is gaining traction and will be available sooner rather than later.

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Sorry, I forgot to respond to you.

I actually talked to Product Management about this feature request, to remind them it was getting a lot of votes from users such as yourself. I wanted to ensure voices like yours are being heard.

Thanks again. Your input helps us make our products better.

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That's great to hear, Gail. Thank you very much!