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My K2 Admin said that they added a number of different Active Directory domains to K2.  However I'm not being able to pull them from SmartObject Methods..   I couldnt find much for K2 about adding multiple domains.

Is there anything in particular I need to do?  Create a new method? SmartOject?




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You should be able to add the additional domains in K2 Management (option 1) or your K2 Administrator can.  Once that is done you should be able to add those users as destination users in the workflow or search against them in SmartObjects.



Hi AAschenbrener,


You can add another domain by logging in, in to your K2 Management site. Kindly check out the link below

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 We were able to get that to work. 

However, bigger issue is now we have the issue of we have to figure out how to get our AD SmartObject to pull in data from other domains in terms of Managers.  With a recent reorg we now for some of our users where the managers are in different affiliate companies.    So the Manager / Manager Email is blank because they don't exist in our farm.