MSword with Nintex K2

I am building a process for a client that relies heavily on Microsoft office for his tasks.

The clients made a request that he wants some of the features he has access to on Msword to be implemented on K2.

Particularly the ability to highlight and make comment on word documents. I tried replicating this with the Rich text control, but the clients wants exactly what he has before. 


ALSO, he also wants a word documents to be generated for him from the form, where he can then make his inputs.


I want to know if there are better ways t carry out this tasks.

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The Word document mark-up/highlighting is not possible with the OOTB capabilities of K2. It might be possible to create a custom control or use some JavaScript injection, but I don't know the complexity of this and how long it would take to create.



Thank you for your help. That worked for me!

Hello Sonuc, How were you able to achieve that?
Care to share?
Thank you @AMolyneux