K2 Error Log smart object error

  • 6 April 2020
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Hello Guys


I am trying to use the K2 inbuild Error smart object to get some data for error profile.  Thereafter I am trying to create a reference with error SMO and loop it . when I loop and transfer the item value into the data field this is throwing below error. 




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2 replies

Hi ProInception,


You may want to checkout the link below. This looks to be related to the issue that you have encountered


Hope this helps


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Good day ProInception,


Could you kindly try the following workarounds and let us know if it helps or not.



1. Create SMO "GetErrorLogsFiltered(Int32 ErrorProfileID)" from Service Instance K2 Management > Workflow > Management > ManagementService
2. Use this smo for the step Create Reference
- Input Mappings : ErrorProfileID : 1
- Output Mappings : SmoGetErrorLogsFiltered
3. Use this smo for the loop step and for the e-mail step



Is there a  Count function, which has an input of a SmartObject reference to the Error Log SmartObject?


It may be that the SmartObject reference got corrupted at some point.

Try changing the input parameters on the SmartObject method step where the reference is created.


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