Instance still running after deleting the request

  • 2 September 2022
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I have deleted the workflow instance from database but the user is still getting email reminders for tasks. The instance is still active. How to resolve it?


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Go the the management portal and confirm that the process is actually stopped / deleted.


I've never seen this behaviour before.  Could it be possible it is a different instance that is also referring to the same data in your system is causing the reminders to be fired?


When you say you removed it from the database, do you mean you went into the K2 database directly to delete it?



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You will definitely want to use K2 Management to locate active process instances and remove them there, and not go directly to the K2 database. It is possible that things are now in a detached state, but do see how it looks in K2 Management and let us know if you need assistance navigating that site to find what you are looking for