Data Migration From Lotus Notes to K2



I am working in data migration project. I would like to move the data from Lotus Notes application in to K2. Do we have any tool to complete this migration. Please advice me. 




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Hi Nagarajan,


I don't think that there is something out of the Box.


Maybe you have to write your own connector or you look if you can connect Notes with an REST or ODATA connection to K2.

I don't know but maybe Notes have an API for those connections.


What kind of Data do you want to move? Workflow information or Teamrooms?

Only the data or complete solutions?


Kind Regards


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Hi Nagarajan, Lotus Notes re-platforming is a scenario we have seen quite commonly and people like using K2 as part of this solution. From a migration perspective, we would typically work with 3rd parties like Casahl or BinaryTree who have good offerings to handle everything from Discovery to the actual migration of data, whether to Sharepoint or SQL or anything else. Once that's done, K2 is used to recompose the apps themselves both for Forms and Workflows

Hope this helps

Hi Alex or Team,

My requirement is to move the complete data from Lotus application to K2. Is there any thirdparty tool recommended by K2?.

We have very huge volume of data in Lotus Notes. I would like to migrate all the records in to K2 application.