Create user with limited rights

Hello , i want to create user with limited rights 

user cannot see what i am doing in  K2 designer , he should see only what he is doing , nothing more 

please , if there is a way to do this , feel free to help me 


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The Authorization Framework allows you to restrict access to certain K2 application elements (e.g. Forms, Views, SmartObjects) or Categories in your environment.


You set rights on K2 objects to allow people in your organization to view the object in the category tree and use the object either at runtime or design time. But, before you start restricting access to anything, I would like suggest that you read up on the Authorization Framework, best practices, considerations and all the potential "Gotchas" in the documentation. It can get a little tricky, and you need to plan things well from the beginning.


Here are some articles to get you going.


Authorization Framework Overview... 


Before you begin... 


Understanding design time rights... 


Understanding rights at design time and runtime... 


Understanding Users in Different Roles and Rights on Objects... 


Understanding Inheritance... 

Thank You Willem !
i changed the View permission to "Deny" on a category only for that user and he could not see the category Now !
i think it's the right way to solve this , right ! ?
That will hide the K2 artifacts from the user during design time yes, but I would probably flip "Modify" and "Delete" to "Deny" as well, just to be safe.