Cannot see Stored Procedure in SQL Management Studio

  • 23 October 2019
  • 2 replies

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I created an Advanced Smartobject from a SQL Stored Procedure by way of a SQL Server Service Instance, but i am unable to see the object using SQL management studio. i Can see it fine with K2 Designer and the tester tool.


Any ideas how i make it visible in SQL Management Studio?

I tried to edit the SMO in Designer and ticked Smartbox for all the fields, but get this error:


"SmartObject is not extendible. Can not add a property."


Any ideas?

2 replies

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Hi  Sharpharp1,


Do you at least see the category? Wondering if it might be category security?



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You get the error because you can't add smartbox properties to a smartobject based on a stored procedure. When you create a smartbox smartobject then it generates a table for you in the K2 database.


Is it the stored procedure you can't see in SQL Management Studio? You can't see the smartobject from SQL Management Studio, only SQL objects, and these are based on the permissions you have on the database, could you have different permissions with the K2 service account that connects to SQL from K2 and the account you use to run SQL Management Studio?