Start NWC workflow based on change to MS SQL Server table

  • 9 November 2021
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In Nintex Workflow Cloud, under Start Events, there are only a few Start Connectors listed.



Is there a way to add (start) Connectors?


Looking to start NWC workflow based on a update or new item in a MS SQL Server table.


Also looking to see if a workflow can be triggered based on a change in SharePoint On Prem (SP 2013) list?


I did find an old post on the topic, from Aug 2017, (Triggering "NWC" when an event occurs in Microsoft SQL Server), and at that time, a NWC start event could not be triggered via SQL server.  There was a work around (of sorts), but I thought I would ask if there has been any change to NWC in the last 5 years to allow for a MS SQL server (start event) connector.



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Checked with Nintex Support.  There is currently NO SQL Server Start Event for NWC.