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We currently have a large extensive onboarding tracker that is an excel spreadsheet that lives on our SharePoint Online site. Our onboarding team uses this tracker to ensure each task (couple hundred tasks per new customer) that must be completed during the onboarding process has been executed properly. However, we use Salesforce as our CRM for all the tracking of the customer lifecycle journey and customer communications from Opportunities (prospect customers) to Accounts (active customers) data. We want to setup a workflow that will allow the Salesforce data for new customers/account to auto-populate onto the onboarding tracker excel spreadsheet in SharePoint.


This is our initial thought but if there is a better solution/workflow for this, please advise. The workflow steps we are thinking of would be:

  1. The workflow start/trigger would be when an Opportunity record in Salesforce is updated when the stage “Contract Signed/Won"
  2. Next step would be "retrieve a record" from Salesforce where we will choose which fields, we need to retrieve from Salesforce that we want to populate into the Onboarding excel tracker in SharePoint.
  3. This is where we are stuck.... we are thinking "update items" for SharePoint would be the next step in the workflow but not sure what we need to choose for this step of the workflow:
  4. We have our SharePoint Connection setup, have our SharePoint site URL and under list name we have Documents selected.
  5. However, for Update Type not sure which option we need to select (see attached screenshot) 
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong… for the Condition we were entering the following:
    1.  “When” = Name of the excel onboarding tracker in SharePoint
    2. “Operator” = equals (ignoring case)
    3. “Value” = the name of the excel document in SharePoint.

But where is the option (or workflow action we need to choose) where we setup from the data we retrieved from the Salesforce record that we need to have populated onto the Excel Tracker in SharePoint to have it populate the Salesforce data into the appropriate row, column, and cell on that spreadsheet?


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@christinatap sorry I'm a little confused. Are you actually trying to update fields within SharePoint, or is the Excel workbook actually attached to a SharePoint list item, or is it just a document that is *held* within a SharePoint library? Depending on how you're storing things in SharePoint the answer will be different. 

@butlerj It's an Excel spreadsheet that is "held" within SharePoint. However, we are open to creating an Excel workbook attached to a SharePoint list item if that would work better. 

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@christinatap if you'd like to actually update the values *inside* the Excel sheet you will need to use a custom Xtension action and work with the Excel API as Nintex Workflow Cloud does not have any native Excel actions yet. If you'd like an example of this, we have a Read Excel File action in the Nintex Gallery that you might be able to use as a jumping off point.