NWC Workflow with Start Event SharePoint - New list item: How to get the managed metadata field?

  • 1 December 2021
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Hey nintex community,


I'm currently trying to build a workflow onto a SharePoint Online document library. Therefore I need all the item metadata to process and play with in my workflow.


My Start Event is the "New list item" creation. Through this I get the coresponding Start Event start variables, so the values of each column of the item - with the ecxeption of the managed metadata fields. They do not appear in the list.


I've done some research, but didn't find any info on that. Can anyone point me in the right direction in how to get the managed metadata info?


Thanks and kind regards!



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Give these steps a try. I know it's not the most optimal to re-retrieve the list item even though it may already be available in the Start Event, but you can get the Metadata Label field this way.



1. Use the "Retrieve an item" action to retrieve the current item that starts your workflow.

2. Set the Item ID based on the start event ID variable that triggers your workflow.

3. Store the result in an object variable for that list/library item. 


From there you can get to the metadata fields Label variable which stores a semi-colon delimited list of your selected metadata values:





You can also use the Apply a regular expression action to take the metadata variable's delimited text string and load it into a collection using the Split option with a semi-colon. From there you can work through the list as needed.





Hope that helps!


Wow, @JRoberts, what a perfectly described and illustrated solution! Thanks for your fast help here, it worked like a charm!


Kind regards and happy weekend!


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Glad to help!