Microsoft Exchange Online - Send to Multiple Users @ the same time

  • 27 April 2023
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How in the world do you send one email to a group of users without looping for Microsoft Exchance Online connector? The option is to add fixed individuals if multiple one at a time. The fields for TO, CC and BCC does not recognize a collection of users so now we have to worry about looping through 1K + users? 


Am I missing something? How do I send one (1) email to 1,000 users at the same time on the same email as BCC? Where only the admin is listed in the TO field. Please help!

We normally use the send an email provided in operations by Nintex but since this is a global automation initiative, we need it coming through as an internal email, not flagged as external email. This action is amazing and very little issues but I’m finding the exchange connector to be very difficult!!!!! 

2 replies

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Are you perhaps able to use an email distribution list containing those 1,000 users instead?

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Hi @brandiwoodson 
Have you resolved your question?