How to remove a guest user from a team in MS Teams?

  • 21 April 2022
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Removing a native user from MS Teams works great. But not for guest users

Always returns 'false' as the success parameter.

Tried both email address and username with the '#EXT#' part in it. The last variation even made the workflow crash. Workflow owner is also owner of the team in MS Teams. Also tried Nintex 365 but with the same result.


Any ideas how to achieve this? Is this a bug or just not supported?

Appreciate alternative suggestions.

2 replies

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Hi @WouterT 


I am looking into this as a potential bug, Please can you raise a support ticket? 


I have tested the same on my side and although the action to list members shows guests, the action to remove members like you mentioned doesn't work when I believe it should.


@rickdemarco Would you be able to advise on if the action for removing users from teams should work for guests? 


Kind regards


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Thanks. Support ticket will be raised by my sysadmin.