Getting started with Azure AD data lookup

  • 12 February 2021
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I am just getting started with NWC and have created a connection and data source to our companies Azure AD. I am able to successfully retrieve data but now have some questions to get it to work for my use case.

I am attempting to add a "People Picker" on a form that will return the Display Names for members of a specific AD group.

Question 1: In the configuration of the Data Lookup control on my NWC form, I only see "emails" as the option for Option Label and Option Value. Because of that, it will only display the users email addresses in the lookup control. How can I get it to display names instead of emails?

Question 2: When trying to filter the retrieved list of users by adding a condition, I see very limited attributes and no "member of" option. How would I be able to filter the dataset by users belonging to a specific group?

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Hi @BrianK


I believe we are working on a fully capable 'people picker' like control that requires little to no config, you can see some what of an early preview of this within the task form control config as below, we have some more work to do to ensure we can release this capability to forms but hope to release it in the near future. 



For now however the data lookup controls are quite flat in terms of how we can interreact with AAD at this time, as groups are held as different objects in AAD and we can only return and interrogate data from the primary object, ass such filters are only available for values present on the main object, i.e. department, phone email.


I agree that the email being the only option to return is not ideal, this is certainly something that has been noticed.


Hope this helps,


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Has there been any progress on this? I am also struggling with data lookup and AAD.
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Any updates on this?  I know the people picker action is available.  However, I have a form that needs a public URL, and the people picker won't work for that.  The data lookup option works with public url, but still only the option to show email address, instead of Display Name.  Seems like it would be pretty simple to be able to show Display Name instead of just email address.