Data Lookup, set a value to it

  • 28 January 2021
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I'm using a Data Lookup to display data from a SharePoint list. It displays the picklist values on the Start Form. But, how can I set this field so it has a value preselected? i.e. "Default Value". The need for this is:


Start Form shows a bunch of fields, one of them is a Data Lookup which displays a list of 50 US States. The user selects Maryland. (The ID for Maryland is 23 back in the SharePoint list of rows) The workflow then runs and stores all the fields into a new row in the "purchase order" SharePoint list and it correctly sets the "State" field to ID 23. State field is a Lookup datatype in "purchase order" SharePoint list.


Then, the workflow routes to a manager so they can approve/reject the form. The manager needs to see and be able to change all values. I then load from SharePoint that freshly new row (using SharePoint - Retrieve an Item) and can put all the values on the form so the manager can see what the employee entered. I can even put the text value "Maryland" or the Integer value 23 into a Text or Label fields - but I want to display a Data Lookup and associate 23 so it preselects Maryland. This way, the manager can change the value and it will then store itself back into the SharePoint row afterwards (I do an update back into SharePoint).


The Text, Integer, Currency, Email, Datetime and other fields all have a property: "Default Value". Data Lookup needs this too! Or, I don't know how to set it. How can I set the value?


Thank you!!

2 replies

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@macleary Currently there is no way to set a default value on a data lookup control, you can vote on the feature request here( A potential workaround is showing the value from the start form then just have a yes/no tickbox that will show a new data lookup if they need to change the value.

Thank you Leigh. Your workaround will do what I need for now. Thanks for the idea! Looking forward though to having a Default Value attribute on Data Lookup eventually.