Create a data source from an on-prem sharepoint list

  • 31 January 2022
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I have a need to pull a list view from an on prem Sharepoint library into an NWC form.  I see I can create an on prem sql query, but I do not see on prem sharepoint as a data source.  Is this not possible?  Can someone tell me if I am just missing this or maybe labeled as something else in the list of items.  Thank you.

3 replies

I believe you need to bring the Retrieve an Item for the Sharepoint on-premises on the workflow canvas

Then set up the connection and the URL,select the list you wish to use

 Then within the form you should then see the list options that you can use

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@brianknight Given you have SQL on-prem working, I'm assuming that you have Nintex Gateway installed and up to date. Also Sharepoint on-prem needs to be Sharepoint 2016 or later. SP2013 is not supported.

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Yes I do have a gateway up and running with a Sharepoint 2016 environment.  I'll go back and look to see if I can see what I am missing here.  It has been a few months, so either I worked around it or dropped what I was trying to do at this point.