Cloud Workflow Query List Date and Time Field

  • 20 August 2021
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Hi I am creating a workflow using a scheduled event and querying a list. So basically at 1100pm I want nintex to query a list using a date and time column (in sharepoint i don't use the time just date) then use a run if function that is if the column date is equal to the context date then it send an email. However even though I select sharepoint to use just the date it appears to still add the time from the query date. See attachment. Any help would be appreciated



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5 replies

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@Andrew87 Date/time fields always have time it is just hidden when selecting date only. It will be set to midnight for the local time zone in SharePoint. You could potentially look at using a range if you deal with multiple time zones, otherwise do the condition against midnight. 

I don't have to worry about time zones. How would I go about formatting the current date and midnight??



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@Andrew87 given that all date/time values from SPO come back in Zulu time you should be able to use the 'Current date' context variable and append T00:00:00Z to set things to midnight. For example:


Hope that helps.


Awesome Thank you!

I'd like to send an email notification for each result with information from the list in it or one email with all the queried information in it. Any thoughts on how i could accomplish this?