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  • 12 February 2014
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I want to allow our users to select a file to upload to our system.  I was planning to use SmartBox objects, but I do not want to store the file in our database, rather I would like to store it in a file system.

Is it possible to use the out of the box controls and store the files in a file store rather than the database?

Thanks in advance

3 replies

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I agree it would probably be best to keep it out of the SmartBox database (table). 

Is SharePoint available?  If so I would use that as the repository and just build a SmartObject against the document library.  I've used this approach a lot.  I guess it still ends up in a database but at least its built to handle it and provides nice UI and Admin features.

Otherwise what if you create a different Database and use the SQL Service Object to create a SmartObject for that database.  I haven't tried this approach for files before but I would think it would work.

If you still want it stored on a file system offhand I'm not aware of an OOTB approach to do this without getting down to the code level although it probably wouldn't be that hard.  You could also try the End Point Assembly service Object which might allow you to leverage some external dll (codeplex or something if you didn't want to create it yourself) to save the file.  I also haven't tried this approach but it would depend on the external dll's functionality and if it could be successfully mapped to the End Point Assembly.


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I prefer to use a smartbox object over other solutions.  You have more control over the datatypes.

However, calling a smartobject to CRUD to a file system does sound interesting.

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Thanks both.

We are having a planning session today.  I'll feed this information in and let you know what we decide to do.

Thanks again!